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Anni Katrin Elmer

Did she lose her mind? Well yeah - I guess there was no reason not to, 029 esh colour on glass, 2017

Working with the posthuman condition and responding to Niloofar Taatizadeh’s installation, I decided to emphasize the state of fragility. We’re shaped, defined and challenged by our environment from the moment we’re born. Our sensitive surface becomes permeable over time and exposes what is underneath. Viewers are allowed and invited to touch and scrape the surface off.

Niloofar Taatizadeh

Before Anything There Is Desire, Wire sculpture, 2017

The installation is set in order to define the being or rather, the nonbeing. Questioning how we constantly feel obliged to explain our thoughts and feelings. It is the intangible image of the installation that matters! You just have to feel it.